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Who Will Do the Reading?

Inner Wisdom Intuitive Soul Reading

Taryn Kama is a highly intuitive card reader with more than a decade of experience channeling the highest guidance from your guides, angels and higher self to help give you clarity, guidance, and solutions in areas you feel stuck or disempowered. My readings offer gentle suggestions and simple exercises to help you make empowered decisions about your life and how to move forward to grace, ease, and joy.

"It was different than other readings I have had. It wasn't about predicting my future, it was about giving me information to empower my own futures," Jamie L. 

How to Book:

1) Choose a date and time by clicking the calendar below. 

2) Use Calendy below to book your session. Pay a $5 non-refundable deposit to hold your slot. You can use Pay Pal (with a credit card). The balance ($25) will be collected at the time of your appointment.  

3) Show up on Zoom at the time of you appointment.


"The cards were right on with what was going on in my life. The information made sense. The remedies and suggestions were very helpful," Joanna V. 

"My reading gave me so much clarity and peace. It confirmed what I was feeling gave me some action steps to move forward," - Michelle M. 

The universe is always speaking to you! Are you listening? How can we receive these messages and learn to be more in tune with them?

Divination cards can help give you insights and perceptions that you may not be able to see or that confirm what you may already sense. In your 30-minute card reading, we will take a deep dive into what the universe is trying to tell you so that you can move through life with joy and ease. The reading will give you insights on how you can accelerate you on your life path, give you more meaning and purpose, and help you be in the natural flow. It’s a two-way interactive experience in which we will share and discuss insights.

We will examine and prioritize your most poignant concerns; pull divination cards; analyze what the cards mean and then look at possible exercises, remedies, and solutions to help you move forward in your life. Using several different card decks, we uncover insights about your relationships, career, money, health, and more!

How the sessions work: We will first get grounded and quiet and then spend a few minutes talking about the process, how it works, and how you can get the most from the reading.

After we will tune into your guides, angels, and higher self, we will pull several cards. We will discuss the significance and specific meanings of each card and how they work together.

We will then spend the last part of the reading looking at how to apply this guidance into your life. Your guides may recommend exercises, practices, remedies or other solutions to help you move forward in your life with clarity, ease, and joy.

How it Works

We use Zoom, Messenger, or Google Hangouts to connect and look at the cards together. You will be able to see the cards and talk about what they mean in real-time.

What you need

Computer or mobile phone with a fast internet connection

Zoom ( installed on the phone or computer


Please come to the session on time; turn off all other media (i.e. cell phones, tv, etc); bring a note pad to take notes if you like.