Countdown to Italy Challenge

(12 weeks to a new you)

Week 1-Focus- 
This week you should set your intention, what is it that you hope to gain from this experience? What things can you do for yourself that will help make your intention become your reality? Practice mindfulness throughout the day, meditate. This will help relax your mind so you can focus better on your intention.

Week 2 - Detox - 

This week you should do a mental and physical detox to clean out the old and start bringing in and embracing the new. Start thinking positively. A good sweat, perhaps a hot yoga class or new eating habits are good steps to take when detoxing. 

Week 3 - Bike Prep -
It's not just mental and physical preparation that are going to help with your successes. Proper equipment is a crucial part of accomplishing your goals with this upcoming trip. Take your bike to the mechanic and make the necessary adjustments. Get new shoes, 

Week 4 -Mechanics -

Speaking of mechanics, evaluating the systems in your life is just as important as evaluating your equipment. Do you have healthy systems in place with your daily routine? What c

Week 5 - Endurance & Persistence -

Do something longer than expected. Increase the time on your bike ride or go a longer distance. Run 5 minutes longer, take an exercise class on a day you normally take a break. Push your limits! This can only help you reach your goals faster.

Week 6 - Reach outside your comfort zone - 

Try something new this week. (Insert example)

Week 7 -Detach -

Take a break from reality and detach from your daily routine. Put something on the back burner, break from the norm. New thinking patterns and tend to emerge when you are doing something different in a stress free environment.

Week 8 - Research -

Research a new possibility. Something that little voice in your head has been urging you to do. Whether it be something to experience while on your trip, or something that you could incorporate into your life 

Week 9 - Balance  -

Take a yoga class, watch a new series, stop watching a new series, clean your closet. Do more of something or less of something that will help you create more balance in your life.

Week 10 - Preparation -

Are there any loose ends you need to tie up? Passport, Id's, Cards, packing. Are you mentally and physically prepared for this journey? Take this week to make sure you're prepared to go so that you are not stressing the day before the trip.

Week 11 - Self Care -

Now that you're prepared and ready to go, take some time for self care. Make a massage appointment, use essential oils, make this all about you so you can be relaxed, ready and focused when you arrive in Italy. 

Week 12 - Freedom -

Where do you lock yourself up? Where can you be free?